Things we grow on our balcony

🌱 My partner and I live in the city, but we're lucky enough to have a balcony with space to grow a few things. We've sowed different herbs and other food plants this spring, and we take notes of each plant type's main events. I thought it would be fun to make a visual overview over the season, so I've designed and built a plant tracker to visualise the food plant data. (You can read more about how I built the visualisation at the bottom of the article!)

🌱 Latest update: We're close to the end of the season! Some things went well, other things were less successful. Best produce: the cherry tomatoes and the big leaf basil. New things learned: I'd like to do more winter sowing next year. Strawberries are difficult to make from seeds; they took forever to sprout even indoors, which is why our strawberry season started on August 31... I also am impressed by the variety of pests/bugs a tiny balcony garden attracts, even in the middle of the city! It makes me even more in awe of the people who grow our food, especially those wo do it without pesticides. 💚

🌱 To learn more about each event, hover or tap the flowerpot icons in the tracker!

How the visualisation was made

I used a combination of code, data about the plants, and drawings to build the visualisation. We collect the plant data in a Numbers spreadsheet, which can be converted into a CSV file and then used in a JavaScript function. The visualisation is built with D3.js. Instead of regular SVG markers, I designed and drew my own icons in Affinity Designer and exported the drawings as SVGs to use in the visualisation. The page setup is regular HTML + CSS.

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